Yearly Events  
Mission Arlington
Each year during Spring Break, we take a group of students to work and serve with Mission Arlington in Arlington, TX. You can learn more about the work they do in the DFW area at
Summer Camp Summer Camp is an amazing experience for students. For whatever reason, God uses camp to change lives. It’s our prayer that camp isn’t just a time for students to spend with friends, make memories, and enjoy themselves. We hope camp would serve as a mile-marker in their own personal walks with the Lord.
Summer Mission Trip Summer mission trips involve a bit more travel than Mission Arlington with trips around the US and even the World. Students will learn what it means to truly serve others and share their faith. The expectation is that the lessons they learn would not stay on the mission-field but would be applied right here in our community. Prerequisites for Summer Mission Trips are attending at least one Mission Arlington Trip as well as an interview with the Student Pastor and other Youth Mentors. Trip destinations are announced with at least 12 months notice.
Discipleship Weekends Discipleship weekends happen every Fall. Whether it would be a DNOW, conference, or retreat, we use these Fall weekends as an opportunity for students to grow in their faith and personal walks with Jesus.

Eastwood Students should be a place where young people can use the gifts and talents God has given them to make a difference. Whether this would be through giving their time and energy to serve on mission trips away from home or in a weekly basis right here in Haughton, we want young people to know how valuable and necessary they are to God’s Church here at Eastwood. We have Serve Teams involving everything from food, media, worship, and outreach. If you are a student or an adult interested in serving at Eastwood Students, contact Pastor Allen for more information.