Small groups are an important part of Eastwood. It is within these small groups that you get connected and truly experience the people at Eastwood. Our small groups love to serve, study God’s word and experience life together. Small groups meet at 9:45 AM on Sunday mornings.


smallgroups2Young Professionals & College/Career
Brad & Amy Barton
Room A203

Our class age ranges from 18 to 29 years old. We study God’s Word learning the basic principles for everyday life. We pray, love, and encourage one another as we spend time together. We have monthly luncheons and fellowships to stay connected. Please come join us.


David Palmer
Room D210

Journey is a diverse small group of couples and single parents with children of all ages, who are all on the “Journey” of life together. We pray, laugh, study God’s word and serve together. We walk through the “Journey” of life encouraging and praying for one another. We would love for you to come join us on life’s “Journey.”

Circle of Friends

Ersel Holder
Big D (Building D, downstairs)

Mature adult couples that enjoy ministering to the need of its’ class members, the church, and the community through Bible Study prayer, socialization, and fun. Bible study covers life application topics predominantly through video series followed by group discussion. Everyone welcome!


Family T.I.E.S. (Together in Every Situation) 
Mark Mize
Room A202

We have a mixture of ages between late 30’s to late 50’s and marital statuses. We love to celebrate each other’s happy occasions and stand together during trials. We love to have fellowships and we LOVE to go camping trips together. We pray together always! We are Family T.I.E.S. (Together in Every Situation)


Young Adults
Kenny & Debbie Jenkins
Room D202

Age group 20 – 40, mostly couples, but anyone is welcome. We do ministry projects together, fellowships, study God’s Word, pray for each other and others.


Pastor’s Class
Rusty Shuler
Choir Room

A class designed for those who may not be involved in a Small Group. The intent is to make it easier for people to get involved in a Small Group. It is a Bible study class, so time is spent simply on studying different parts of the Bible.


U.I.C. (United in Christ)
Autry Brown
Room D206

The UIC small group is a diverse group with ages from early 40’s to the early 60’s. Our small group is made up of couples, singles, and some whose spouses do not attend. The class lessons are discussion based with very interactive and lively discussions from every one! We have very in-depth bible studies with the Bible as our text and not pre-printed lesson material. This allows us to explore a wide range of topics. Another important part of our class time is praying for each other. Our prayer time allows us to learn about each other and our families.


Roger Reeves, Mike Fredieu, & Bill Yates
Room D208

We welcome Senior and Middle age adults as in couples, singles, and widows. We have three men who rotate in leading the class. Before class, we share a cup of coffee and a snack, while visiting with each other. Our teaching is almost always pertaining to a Book of the Bible, or a certain character of the Bible.


Men’s Class
Allan Pratt
Room D207

A newly organized men only class for all ages of men, single, or married. We study the Explore the Bible series. Come join us for a lively study of God’s Word.


Dani Long
Room D201

A caring, spontaneous, non-traditional group of ladies who love the Lord and enjoy fellowship and Bible study!!! Be prepared for musical outbursts and random entertaining stories. All ages are welcome.


Ladies of Faith
Shelley Smith
Room D203

We are group of ladies studying God’s word to apply to our daily lives. We give each other support through prayer, being able to share with openness and unconditional love. We study a variety of materials and bible studies focused on areas of spiritual growth.


Living Beyond Ourselves
Rhonda Schnell
Room D204

All women’s class, single and married, and mostly over the age of 50. Living Beyond Ourselves is a young at heart group of women dedicated to fervent prayer, mutual support, ministry projects, and life-changing Bible study, and having fun. We welcome newcomers.


Sandra McNatt
Room D212

To call ourselves the “JOY” class, our lessons are from Lifeway quarterly, “Explore the Bible.” We get together outside Small Group time occasionally. We participate primarily in church sponsored projects for our mission work. We love the Lord and each other. We welcome visitors and over-JOYed to get new members.

Vision Gathering
Stephen Smith
OK Corral (Building B, downstairs)

Vision Gathering is an Adult (those out of High School) Mission Church within a church. Eastwood is our host church. We are here for those who are mentally challenged and special needs. This is their church which they can serve and worship our Lord Jesus Christ. Worship begins at 11:00 and ending around 11:45. During this time, we worship through music, offering and a ser- mon. Parents of these adult children may attend Eastwood’s services as well as a Small Group. We have activities throughout the year including VBS and outings as well. We do our best to bring God’s presence in such a way for their better understanding.

Youth Small Group
His House (Building A upstairs)

Youth Small Group is our intentional discipleship strategy where small group leaders mentor students. They combine
the information of scripture with relationships and life experiences to develop students into disciples who make disci- ples. Students are also encouraged to mentor other stu- dents as they do life together. Get plugged into a student small group today!