Brad Kirby - February 19, 2023

I Am Jonah - Second Chances

Too often we make the same choice as Jonah... to go the opposite way of God's direction. Verse one of chapter three sums it up nicely: God came to Jonah a second time. God will give us multiple opportunities to choose Him over the world and over ourselves. This goes for us as individuals and for us as a society. The God of second chances longs for us to choose Him.

From Series: "I Am Jonah"

Most people are familiar with the story of Jonah being swallowed by the whale (or big fish). We don't often read the rest of the book and therefore miss the sad commentary that relates Jonah to us as the people of God. God wants to love us and sends us to save others, and like Jonah we often try to run the other way. We are Jonah.

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