Here at Eastwood Baptist Church, we love God, we love His Word, and we love people.

Our women’s ministry is all about relationships – building our relationship with God, building our relationships with one another, and building relationships with those who are still in need of Him.  We want to help you discover all of who God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit want to be in your life so that you are so filled up it overflows on those around you.  


Women’s weekly Bible study



LADIES’ Spring Bible Study

Crushed, overwhelmed, devastated, torn… these waves of emotion wash over those who face uncertainty, even suffering, blinding all vision of hope and threatening to destroy.  Suffering has many forms – physical abuse, debilitating disease, social exclusion, persecution, political turmoil.  The pain and anguish caused by these things tempts us to turn away, to surrender, to give up.  We have a choice.  Either we can give in to fear or engage our faith.  Peter wrote to Jewish Christians undergoing great persecution in order to offer comfort and hope reminding them of the power and supremacy of the risen Lord.  God wants to give us that same comfort and hope as we face great uncertainty.  Join us as we study the epistles written by Peter.  Let’s diffuse fear and engage faith!  

Join us on either Tuesday mornings (9:30-11:30am) or Tuesday evenings (6:30-8:30pm) beginning January 12 as we work our way through I & II Peter.  The cost of the study is $10.  Child care is provided for both classes.  We meet in A105.

How do you sign up? You may sign up at the Connection Center on Sunday mornings or you may email or text/call Angela at 469.964.6525.



Ladies, we cannot stress enough how important it is for us to be in the Word of God daily.  Truly, the Bible is THE Creator God speaking to each one of us individually exactly the words we need to hear!  We know that everyone is busy… very busy!!  But this is an opportunity to make God a priority in your life.  He will bless the time you spend with Him.

We also host a variety of activities that range from silly and fun to a bit more serious




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