Vision Sunday is September 11. It will be here before we know it. This is a HUGE day in the life of Eastwood Baptist Church.

Vision Sunday will be SO MUCH MORE than just another Sunday morning. It is the beginning of an exciting faith-filled journey. I believe that on September 11th we will clearly see a God-sized vision for the next several years of ministry life at the Lord’s church we call Eastwood Baptist. - PASTOR BRAD KIRBY


In order to discover God’s vision for this season of life at Eastwood Baptist Church, it seems obvious that a good place to start would be by seeking, listening, and asking God for His direction. It is His vision for His church we are seeking, not ours. How do we seek, listen, hear, and understand, God?

God has given us everything we need. He has given us His written Word, His Spirit inside us, and His body all around us in the church. He has also given us instructions on how to discipline ourselves to better hear His voice. There are daily spiritual habits that God commands us to develop, in reliance upon him, to participate in the process of growing our faith.

Heaven and hell hang on habits. Show me a man’s habits, and you’ll give me a glimpse into his very soul. The habits you develop and sustain today will affect whether you persevere till the end or make a shipwreck of the faith. Simply put, your habits are one of the most important things about you. (Mathis). This 30 days of vision is going to be 30 days of developing spiritual habits to grow our faith and better hear the voice of God.

Below you will find some helpful tips for implementing these three spiritual habits for the next 30 days