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Brad Kirby - February 26, 2023

I Am Jonah - Nineveh Needs You

Before we meet Jonah, he had been a successful prophet. Then God asked him to get out of his comfort zone. Its easy for us to criticize him, but we likely would have reacted the same way, and we do because we are surrounded by modern-day Ninevites. God nudges and calls and demands that we go, but we choose ourselves and the world and all of our excuses instead. Then when things don't go our way, like Jonah we throw a fit and call life "not fair" when maybe, God is just trying to remind us who He is.

From Series: "I Am Jonah"

Most people are familiar with the story of Jonah being swallowed by the whale (or big fish). We don't often read the rest of the book and therefore miss the sad commentary that relates Jonah to us as the people of God. God wants to love us and sends us to save others, and like Jonah we often try to run the other way. We are Jonah.

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