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Brad Watson - January 9, 2022

Destined for Greatness

Luke 2:22-35 In Luke's gospel we meet some interesting eyewitnesses to Jesus' life: Zechariah and Elizabeth, Mary and Joseph, the shepherds, and now Simeon. These are all part of the small remnant of faithful believers who still believed that a messiah was coming. Simeon had lived for this moment all of his life, and the Holy Spirit put him in the right spot at the right time, just as He does for us. Are we listening so that we can fulfill our destiny?

From Series: "Destined for Greatness"

As we move past the Christmas story, Luke continues to introduce us to upright characters who are still living in anticipation of the coming messiah, in contrast to the rest of their society. Are we living for the return of the Messiah today?

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