Emergency Situations

If at any time during business hours we have trouble with flooding, loss of electricity, or any other emergency that would cause the center to be unable to care for your child safely you will be notified immediately to pick up your child.  If we have to evacuate we will use the following locations: T.L. Rodes, Platt, FBC Haughton, Central Assembly, and Stockwell.  If we have to evacuate, you will be contacted and given further directions.


Transportation Services

Transportation is provided to and from T.L. Rodes, Platt, Princeton, and Stockwell schools.  School aged children must be here by 7:15 AM if they are to ride the van to school.  If your child will be absent or will not be riding the van to school, please let us know so that we can account for each missing child.

The preschool children also attend several field trips throughout the year. Booster seats are provided by the center.  If you do not wish to use ours, you are encouraged to bring your personal car seat.



A spare change of clothing should be kept at the center at all times. Clothing should be durable, comfortable, washable, and weather appropriate. The classroom activities will use paint, clay, paste, etc. along with outdoor play. Please dress your child according to the weather for outdoor play. All jackets, sweaters, coats, and other articles of clothing should be clearly labeled with the child's name.

The following guidelines should also be followed by children attending the childcare center.

  1. Shoes must be worn at all times. Please no sandals, slide on, slip on shoes or flip flops without a back strap.
  2. Children must be clean when brought to the center.
  3. School-aged girls are to wear one piece swimsuits in the summer when going to the pool.
  4. Parents please dress respectfully when bringing or picking up your child.


The childcare center will furnish a mid-moming and afternoon snack, and a hot, balanced lunch. DO NOT SEND breakfast with your child. Please have your child finish breakfast before entering the center and place all sippy cups and bottles in your child's bag. NO OUTSIDE FOOD is allowed in the center except for class parties and medical reasons due to allergies. We must then have a doctor's note detailing each allergy.


Children are not allowed to bring money, toys, books, tapes, etc. to the center except on special occasions that are scheduled by his/her teacher. NO CD players, iPods, computer games, etc. are allowed. Only G-rated movies are permissible. We have a designated toy day for children to bring a toy that will fit in their backpack. We are not responsible for items brought to the center.


Morning activities include inside play, snack, outside play, quiet activities, and lunch. Rest time for all children will begin shortly after lunch until 2:00 p.m. Cots and blankets are provided by the center and are washed or disinfected each day. Afternoon scheduled activities include snack, outside play, inside activities (games, puzzles, drawing, coloring, painting, music, etc.) and inside play in the gym or classroom. Small children will play in large muscle development rooms.

School-aged children are provided with snack, homework time, inside play, outside play, and other activities planned by the center.

NOTE: All children at Eastwood Baptist Childcare are taught Bible stories, Bible songs, Bible verses, and Biblical principles.


If at any time your child is injured, no matter how small the injury, an accident form will be completed informing the parent of the injury and the circumstances surrounding it. The form is to be signed by the parent acknowledging that he/she was informed. The form will be kept in the child's folder in the childcare office. If ever there is a serious injury to your child or an injury to the head, you will be contacted immediately.

Surgical gloves are always worn when caring for a bleeding child.


Electronic Device Policy

Children under the age of 2 will not be allowed to participate in any electronic device activity including TV. Children 2 years old and up will be allowed to have no more than 2 hours per day of electronic activities including TV, computers and/or electronic games. Computers with internet will be equipped with monitoring or filtering software.


Programs, Movies & Video Games Policy

“PG” programming or its television equivalent shall not be shown to children under age 5. “PG” programming shall only be viewed by children age 5 and above and shall require parental authorization. Any programming with rating more restrictive than “PG” is prohibited.

“E10+” rated games shall be permitted for children ages 10 years and older.

All movies will be reviewed by management before shown. All movies that are shown will be based on the values of ECC.


Confidentiality Policy

The center shall maintain confidentiality and security of all records of children. Center staff is prohibited from disclosing or knowingly permitting the disclosure of any information concerning the child or the family of the child either directly or indirectly to any unauthorized person.


Authorization of Child Release

If your child is being picked up by someone who is not on your authorized pickup list, you must call the center at 318-949-6363 and get an email address or phone number for one of the office staff. You may give permission via email or text followed by a written letter within 24 hours.


Parental Involvement

Eastwood Childcare Center loves for our parents to be involved in events that we hold at the center.  We have several things throughout theyear that parents can be involved in such as: Meet the Teacher Night, fall parties, Thanksgiving Feast, Christmas parties, Christmas program, Valentine's Day parties, Western/Rodeo Day, St. Jude Trik-a-thon, Easter parties and Easter egg hunt, field trips, preschool graduation and End of Year parties. We invite you to attend any of the events we may have.


Biting Policy

Biting is a natural developmental stage that many children go through. It is usually a temporary condition that is most common between thirteen and twenty-four months of age. The safety of the children at the center is our primary concern. The center’s biting policy addresses the actions the staff will take if a biting incident occurs.

Toddlers bite other toddlers for many different reasons. A child might be teething or overly tired and frustrated. He or she might be experimenting or trying to get the attention of the teacher or his peers. Toddlers have poor verbal skills and are impulsive without a lot of self-control. Sometimes biting occurs for no apparent reason. The center will encourage the children to “use their words” if they become angry or frustrated.

The staff members will maintain a close and constant supervision of the children at all times. The biting will be interrupted with a firm “No...we don’t bite people!”

Staff will stay calm and will not overreact.

Staff will remove the biter from the situation.

The biter will be given something to do that is satisfying.

The wound of the bitten child shall be assessed and cleansed with soap and water.

The parents of both children will be notified of the biting incident.

Appropriate forms will be filled out (Incident Report).

Confidentiality of all children involved will be maintained.

The bitten area should continue to be observed by parents and staff for signs of infection.

For biters over the age of 2:
If biting occurs in ages over 2 and continues, after the third time the child will be sent 
home for the day. If biting continues after that, the child may be dismissed from the Center.


Child Abuse & Neglect Policy

Any suspected abuse and/or neglect of a child in a childcare center must be reported in accordance with Louisiana Revised Statues 14:403.  Any suspected abuse can be reported at 855-452-5437


No Smoking & Prohibition of Firearms

The use of tobacco in any form, use of alcohol and possession of illegal substances or unauthorized potentially toxic substances, firearms, pellet or вв guns (loaded or unloaded) in any vehicle while transporting children is prohibited. 


Phone, Picture & Social Media Policy

Teachers are not permitted to give their personal cell phone numbers to parents. Phone calls from the classroom are prohibited. If you would like to talk to your child’s teacher please call the office. If you need to be contacted during the day for any reason you will be contacted by office personnel or your teacher will call you from the office phone.

Teachers are prohibited from taking pictures of your children with their personal cell phones and sending them to you. Only office staff with office camera/cell phone is permitted to take pictures and send them to parents.

Social Media
Posting pictures of children from EBCC on personal social media pages is prohibited. Eastwood has its own Facebook page and will post pictures to it during special events.