This sermon series “Jude-A Wake up Call,” will walk us through what it means to be called of God. What’s happening right in front of us that we tend to miss? Wake up to the call God has placed on your life. He has personally invited and chosen us as part of His family. We are called to salvation so that we can be sanctified with Christ, sanctified so that we can serve God how He chooses for us to serve. 

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Rusty Shuler - May 6, 2018

Have the Right Work Ethic

Exodus 20: 15 God always intended for man to work, and the Bible is clear that to keep society functioning properly, all should work for what they have. We need to remember that our work is a service to God, and if we are doing less than our best, we are breaking this command.

From Series: "The Top Ten Timeless Truths"

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